Cleaning your cat’s litter box is not the most pleasant thing to do and many people will try to do it as infrequently as possible. Cleaning it is a smelly business, but it has to be done. By not cleaning it frequently can lead to serious health problems. Instead of urinating 2-3 times a day, they may keep it in so that they may urinate only once. The reason for this is that they try to keep their trays clean, or their tray is already too dirty for them to do their business in. They want to avoid stepping into the dirty tray, but by doing this it can be harmful to your cat. While holding it in for the whole day, this can lead to their urine to get more concentrated and could make crystals and urine debris plug up and cause your cat to get a life-threatening feline urethral obstruction (FUO). With FUO, cats may have stones, crystals, or mucous plugs in their urethra that prevent them from being able to urinate. Not only is this painful, but it can also lead to temporary kidney failure, electrolyte abnormalities, vomiting, lethargy, cardiac arrhythmias, and death. (source:

To prevent this to happen at any rate to your fluff ball, scoop up his poop as frequently as possible that he can go to his litter box at any time in the day, without him worrying about getting dirty. This is where the new Pet Poo Drain comes in handy. Having bags of poop in your yard, or even having it on your sidewalk is really unpleasant in smell and look. The Pet Poo Drain wants to make your life easier. (1): only scoop up your cat’s poop, (2): unscrew the cap of the Pet Poo Drain, (3): throw it down, and BANG! it is gone!! Bye-bye stinky poop, never to be seen again! No funny smells in your yard, or house, bags of poop standing on your sidewalk for the whole week, and making it feel like the whole neighbourhood is smelling the stinking odour… your cat’s poop will be carried away in your drain to the sewage farms, letting your cat enjoy the poo free litter box and allowing you to enjoy the easiness of washing away your cat’s poop without any hassle.

So, to help prevent diseases, purchase your Pet Poo Drain today, for any kind of pet poop!

NOTE: The Pet Poo Drain is only for pet poo usage and not for any other foreign object to be thrown down the drain.